For skin and hair, spring is the right time to “put them on a diet”!

tricoBlog / For skin and hair, spring is the right time to “put them on a diet”!

For skin and hair, spring is the right time to “put them on a diet”!

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Spring sees a change in the balance between light and dark during the day. This is a change capable of affecting hormonal balance. One of the consequences is the fact that, precisely in spring, hair loss intensifies compared to other times of the year.

We need not worry about this, as it is not only a physiological phenomenon, but also a passing one. It is, however, good to know that with the arrival of summer, our hair is not completely safe from potential dangers to its health.

During the winter, in fact, our hair tends to become frizzier and more damaged, mainly due to the dry, cold air typical of winter. With the change of season, it is therefore essential to act in order to get back that vigour needed to face the summer weather.

In summer, hair will inevitably be exposed, depending on the case, to sun, heat, humidity, salt, chlorine and any other external agents, capable of generating even serious effects if not promptly and adequately prevented back in the spring. In this regard, it is certainly advisable to use specific products that can get our hair looking healthy again.

Obviously, the situation is very similar for skin care. Once again, in fact, spring is the right time to dedicate ourselves to regeneration, through cleaning and nourishment, also using specific machinery and products capable of stimulating the cellular turnover of the skin.

Speaking of skin, this season is the time when the problematic cellulite begins to make a comeback. Acting in order to improve circulation and prevent the stagnation of liquids, the main causes of orange peel skin, therefore becomes fundamental.

Finally, a diet-related consideration. In winter, the typical diet low in vitamins and minerals and excessively rich in fats and carbohydrates risks compromising good health. Spring therefore always becomes the perfect time to put both “on a diet”.

How? Relying on fresh pulses, nuts, seeds, whole grains and of course fruit and vegetables! In short, our diet must include foods rich in antioxidants, useful in the battle against free radicals caused by winter excesses