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Understanding the mechanism that regulates the life cycle of hair follicles is essential in order to identify new targets and discover active ingredients. To this end, Giuliani engages in high-level, highly professional clinical research that painstakingly pursues this goal and whose results have constantly enriched scientific discoveries in the field of hair and teamed up with other specialists for the health of patients, which often starts from the hair.


The arrival of Bioscalin®

Bioscalin® was launched as the first dietary supplement in Italy for healthy hair, designed specifically for women. Fighting the damage caused by free radicals, it helps hair get back to looking beautiful and healthy.

11/09/2009 | Patent


Unique complex containing naturally fermented soy, with the use of selected lactic ferments and with Ajuga Reptans extract. It helps counteract progressive hair loss and thinning, especially in women.

24/01/2014 | Patent

Fermented Soy

Postbiotic to help control the microbial ecosystem, able to intervene on the impaired microbiome to fight dandruff.

16/04/2015 | Patent


Derived from liquorice which increases the delicacy of the cleansing system.

24/06/2015 | Patent


A complex that combines three active ingredients with a well-known energising effect: carnitine, caffeine and arginine. Working in combination allows them to provide the hair with a high amount of energy, necessary to support its vital functions.

2017 | Patent under examination


The latest complex developed by Giuliani research into preventing hair loss, representing a cutting-edge response to temporary hair loss. Laboratory studies have, in fact, shown that it is able to promote the physiological process of cellular self-repair at follicle level, supporting its functionality and therefore the growth phase of the hair.

20/11/2018 | Patent


The first patented molecule capable of stimulating hair growth on a daily basis through the stimulation of a recently-discovered sensory receptor, the OR2AT4 RECEPTOR, present in the hair follicle and capable of influencing the life cycle of the hair by promoting its growth.

Projects by Giuliani

The study of the microbiome in the scalp and the hair follicles

The study of the microbiome in the scalp and the hair follicles

Aiming for <b>autophagy</b> in hair physiology

Aiming for autophagy in hair physiology

The role of <b> polyamines </b> in hair growth

The role of polyamines in hair growth

The chemosensory <b>line of research</b>

The chemosensory line of research